AREA Wireless – Plan Summary

  • $50/month + GST
  • Bring your own device, no contract
  • Unlimited calling across North America from Canada
  • Unlimited texting worldwide from Canada
  • 3 GB shared data pool*
  • Automated tiered travel add-ons**
  • Enhanced Voicemail or Visual Voicemail
  • Automatic billing
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Keep your phone number
  • Powered by Rogers, Canada’s largest wireless carrier
If you are not already a Rogers customer, you will be required to have your device unlocked by your current carrier and then purchase a Rogers SIM card before proceeding with sign-up. This can be done at any Rogers Retailer, Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, Wireless Wave, Shopper Drug Marts, London Drugs, Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart, or Costco. Please ensure the SIM purchased will fit your phone, is brand new, and has not yet been activated.

Areawireless solo Sign Up for AREA Wireless

(This will be your username for your Mobility Account) (4 digit code, e.g. 4141. You will be asked it when you contact support by phone)
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What does "3 GB shared data pool" mean?

Each person who uses the plan has 3 GB of data that they can use with multiple devices. In other words, you have a total of 3 GB of data, not 3 GB per device.
The pool allows some flexibility in usage, however AREA Mobile asks you to be mindful of your data use. Responsible use helps to keep the cost of the plan low. Those with repeated excessive use are putting the pool and the low cost of the plan in jeopardy and may be asked to leave the plan as a result.
Consult the Mobile Policies for more information on data usage.

How do I get billed?

AREA Mobile users are billed on a monthly cycle, and are responsible for all charges incurred. All users must provide credit card information for billing purposes. To set up your billing, or view your current and past bills, visit For questions about billing, please contact

How do I travel internationally with AREA Mobile?

Tiered roaming solutions will automatically be added to all AREA Mobile accounts that allow for immediate access to your device upon arrival.
Best practice is to always contact or 1-855-783-1717. and customize your plan with your specific needs. You are responsible for your usage and paying for any roaming charges incurred.